Our Story

After Lisa's mother was diagnosed with dementia, we realized the importance of the products we use. Many candles on the market contain harmful chemicals and pollutants, impacting our health and the environment. 

Many well known candle companies use paraffin, a crude oil byproduct, to make candles along with synthetic chemicals and other artificial ingredients.  These ingredients are not eco-friendly, nor do they support the American farmer.

Established in 2014, Farmhouse Candle Company is a family-run business driven by our passion to create natural candle products that deliver a truly unique sensory experience.

Our candle products are crafted from an all-natural signature blend of soy, coconut, apricot and beeswax for a carbon neutral burn.  They are free from artificial dyes, lead, stabilizers and synthetic chemicals.  We use premium phthalate-free fragrances and essential oils combined to give you a unique sensory experience.

Please contact us for inquiries via the contact section on our website or at support@farmhousecandle.com

Our Farmhouse to Your Home,

John and Lisa Schwaller