What do you mean candles have memory?  Lighting your candle for the first time is called a memory burn.  This first lighting determines how your candle is going to burn until the wick is gone.  Getting the best memory burn possible is essential to stop your candle from tunneling down the center and creating wasted wax.  Also, a great memory burn will also maximize scent throw.

How do I create a great memory burn?  Start by trimming your wicks to the correct length.  Wicks are designed to control both temperature and flame.  If your wick is too long, your flame is excessively large causing sooting and black marks on your jar.  If you cut your wick too short, you run the risk of not having enough heat to create a sufficient melt pool and your wick will end up drowning in wax unable to be burned again.  The optimum length for our wicks is 1/4".  Your candles are pre-cut to the appropriate length ready for its initial burn.  We highly recommend purchasing a wick trimmer to ensure your wicks are cut to the appropriate length after each burn.

What exactly is a melt pool and why is it important?  Typical rule of thumb is to burn your candle 1 hour for every inch in diameter.  For example, our 16 oz. jar candle is 4" in diameter.  We recommend burning your candle for at least 4 hours to achieve a full melt pool.  No matter the diameter of your candle, it needs to be burned long enough to achieve a full melt pool that reaches the edge of the jar.  If you are burning one of our dough bowl candles, the same rules apply for a full melt pool to the edge of the dough bowl.  A full melt pool will keep your candle from tunnelng down the center.  A full melt pool also allows for maximum scent throw.


Lisa Schwaller